Prof. Joann Montepare

Director, Professor of Psychology,
Lasell University

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Lasell University
Newton, MA

Prof. Joann Montepare

Director, Professor of Psychology,
Lasell University


I am as social-developmental psychologist (PhD Brandeis University), Professor of Psychology, and Director of the Rosemary B. Fuss Center for Research on Aging and Intergenerational Studies at Lasell University/Lasell Village in Newton, MA. My research examines social perceptions of age and personal experiences of age – such as the paradox of why older people typically feel younger than their age, but younger people feel older. 

I am currently working with AGHE/GSA on the global “Age-Friendly University” (AFU) initiative launched by Dublin City University. This is an exciting, much needed, and certainly timely initiative that needs your voice and your institution's support!

As an AFU partner, I'm an advocate of intergenerational teaching and learning, and launched the "Talk of Ages" program at Lasell for advancing aging education and intergenerational exchange. One new line of research that is “connecting the dots” of my research and teaching interests explores how age-diversity in higher education can deepen learning in the classroom.


Brandeis University
Waltham, Massachusetts, United States
PhD, 1986
Social - Developmental Psychology
Advisor: Leslie Zebrowitz

Areas Of Expertise

  • Ageism
  • Attitude Toward Aging: Attitude Toward Self Aging
  • Attitude Toward Aging: Societal Perceptions of the Aged Population
  • Developmental Changes: Psychological
  • Developmental Changes: Social
  • Education
  • Environmental Planning
  • Intergenerational Relations
  • Intergenerational Relations: Intergenerational Policy Issues
  • Intergenerational Relations: Intergenerational Programming
  • International Aging
  • Retirement
  • Volunteerism


  • Psychology