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Dr. Esteban Calvo

U. Mayor & Columbia U.


Esteban Calvo is a life-course sociologist and social epidemiologist interested in positive aging processes. Much of his work aims to identify and understand the social factors experienced across the life course that influence the health and happiness of older adults, as well as to evaluate public policies and interventions that can improve their well-being and benefit society as a whole. His current research agenda includes three threads: (1) assessing the impact of life-course statuses, transitions, and trajectories on a variety of health outcomes, from self-reports to physical measures and biomarkers; (2) understanding how individuals react to social contexts and public policies that they experience over the life course; and (3) improving our understanding of the challenges and opportunities posed by demographic change to aging-related policy throughout the world. His recent publications focus on the health effects of work and retirement, life satisfaction effects of unemployment and pension policy, as well as cultural and structural determinants of social security and health policy reforms worldwide. He is currently engaged in a long-term "cells to society" project, studying patterns of alcohol consumption and cardiovascular health outcomes and mortality among older adults in more than 20 countries. Dr. Calvo is the recipient of awards from the American Public Health Association, American Sociological Association, Gerontological Society of America, and Retirement Research Foundation.


Boston College
United States
PhD, 2009

Harvard University
MsPH, 2010
Public Health

Universidad Catolica
BS, 2002

Job History

Universidad Mayor
Director, Society and Health Research Center
March 2018 - present

Columbia University
Faculty, Epidemiology and Aging Center
United States
January 2015 - present

Laboratory on Aging and Social Epidemiology
Principal Investigator
January 2012 - present

Areas Of Expertise

  • Crosscultural Studies
  • Crossnational Studies
  • Developmental Changes: Social
  • Disease Epidemiology: Risk
  • Drugs: Misuse/Abuse
  • Gerontology
  • Global Aging
  • Income: Pensions/Social Security
  • International Aging
  • Life Satisfaction
  • Pain
  • Retirement
  • Successful Aging
  • Well-Being
  • Work and Occupation


  • Sociology