2014 Annual Scientific Meeting

Examining the Pain Care Quality (PainCQ-33)  

12-06-2014 09:06 AM

Examining the PainCQ-33 as a Measure of Pain Management Perception among Residents with Chronic Pain Problem: Current instruments do not address resident perceptions of pain management (PM) care in nursing homes; therefore, evaluation of a new instrument is warranted. Purpose: To determine the usefulness of the PainCQ-33 as a measure of PM perception. Aims: (1) determine face validity of the PainCQ-33; (2) determine reliability of the PainCQ-33 as a measure of sustained repeatability in PM perception; and (3) determine if PainCQ-33 scores correlate with length of stay (LOS) while controlling covariates (pain intensity, depression, scheduled pain medication, depression, age). Previous Findings: Resident barriers to PM exist including knowledge deficits, attitudes, beliefs, mood, behaviors, and expectations for PM. Research Design: A mixed method: (1) a test-retest survey design including the use of field notes among 56-residents from four nursing homes in Western New York. Residents completed the PainCQ-33 at baseline (T0), and 14 days later (T1). Additional instruments for covariates included: (1) the Faces Pain Scale – Revised for pain ratings; (2) the five-item Geriatric Depression Scale for depression; and (3) the Clinical Data Form (CDF) for scheduled pain medication, age and gender. Data Analysis: Paired sample t- test of the PainCQ-33 at (T0) and (T1), and comparison of PM perception with LOS while controlling covariates using ANCOVA. Field notes depicting resident opinions of the survey were analyzed using descriptive content analysis. Potential Significance: The PainCQ-33 can assist clinicians in managing resident barriers to effective PM in nursing homes.

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12-06-2014 09:27 AM

The results of my study are being reviewed by my dissertation committee. I am restricted in what I can share regarding the outcome of my study. I will post my results once I have final approval from my dissertation committee. Thank you.

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