2014 Annual Scientific Meeting

The role of generativity in successful aging for Alaska Native Elders 

12-06-2014 12:47 PM

The concept of Generativity is important in Alaska Native (AN) cultures, that is, caring for the future, or Seventh, generation. Generativity is important to the Elders and a value associated with AN cultures and directly impacts the Elders’ sense of feeling needed by their family and community. As our Elders continue to engage in their community, teach the youth, and serve as role models, it will be important to ensure they are supported and have opportunities to teach others. In this study, the Elders (n=26) discussed the importance of passing on their knowledge to the youth and the importance of this role to their ability to age well. A majority of the communities in this study valued their Elders and understood the importance of their wisdom and experience, providing opportunities for them to participate and educate those who were interested.

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Powerpoint presentation discussing role of generatively (indigenous cultural generativity) in cultural understandings of successful aging for Alaska Native Elders.

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